wedding posters

May 14, 2012



May 10, 2010

This is a small selection of my automotive and art deco style posters. This work is entirely my own original design and illustration, and was not copied from anything that went before. I find that I frequently have to make this clear, so I apologise if I sound like I’m stating the obvious. A full portfolio can be seen by clicking on the ‘new vintage posters’ link in ‘my other stuff’ section on the right. Your opinions and suggestions would be most welcome.


May 3, 2010

Please click on images to view at screen size. A more detailed photography portfolio can be viewed at ‘the suffolk snapper’ and ‘the english snapper’. See links in the ‘my other stuff’ section at the right of this page.


May 3, 2010

photo illustration

May 2, 2010

From my own photography of cows I produced this image of a thumbprint, one of a series for Kubota Tractors to illustrate the line, ‘No Two Farmers Are The Same’. The advertising agency was Rubin Postaer in Santa Monica, California. Please click on images to view at screen size.

From a library photograph I produced this cloud illustration which was unpublished.

From a photograph by Nadav Kander for Marlborough I drew the twister.

In this photograph by Max Forsyth for Winston cigarettes I drew the pack to be stripped into a dye transfer print.

design projects

March 12, 2010

A recent leaflet for the Wild Meat Company in Sweffling, Suffolk which involved illustration of running hare and design/typography, using existing photography. The client’s brief also included letterhead and company identity. Please click on images to view at screen size.

This is a leaflet for Ferriers Barn, an arts and crafts day centre for physically disabled people in Bures, Suffolk. The client’s brief called for illustrations of maps and torn paper logo, photography and design/typography.

This project for The Farm Café in Marlesford required copywriting, photography, illustration and typography to complete the brochure design.